Bagrry’s is one of the leading brands of health foods in India. We manufacture and market a wide range of high-fibre breakfast cereals and health foods which are wholesome and nutritious.


Bagrry’s comes from the lineage of food processing group having experience of five decades in the food industry. Bagrrys India Limited today boasts of pan India presence. With a constant commitment to deliver the optimum quality of products to our customers we have moved from strength to strength through constant innovation and improvisation in every step of our processes.


Commitment, hard work and consistent research for product development by the Bagrry’s team has helped the company to nurture into a premier health food manufacturer in our country. We are committed to offer high quality and reasonably priced products for a better living. Our company has grown over the years to touch the lives of thousands of people in India and its neighboring countries.

To continue to offer innovative, healthy and delicious high fibre food products that will help people enjoy nutritious, wholesome, fibre-rich food and live a healthier life.
Our constant endeavour is to offer high quality, wholesome health foods and products. We aspire to be dedicated to the well being of society. As we continue to grow, change and innovate, fulfilling of social responsibility will continue to be one of the ways that we measure our success.

In today’s fast paced lifestyles, intake of fibre rich diet has been considerably reduced because we eat more and more of refined foods like wheat flour – maida (breads, biscuits, sandwich, and burgers), polished rice, dals, etc. Our dependence on fibre free food has increased tremendously over the past decade. Even the atta we use at home is highly refined because the bran is extracted out of it. Bagrry’s products re-introduce what has been extracted out of our diet.

At Bagrry’s we understand the importance of a fibre rich diet. In every step of our processing we ensure that our products retain their natural goodness which is lost in most of the other foods we consume today. All our products are heart friendly, high in dietary fibre with zero cholesterol and zero trans fatty acids. They help inspire a healthier lifestyle in the most natural way.

Every Bagrry’s product is manufactured under the most stringent QA/QC specifications. This has been coupled with outstanding product development due to customer feedback and research. We pride ourselves in the ability to produce innovative and nutritious products while offering upscale alternatives through indigenous technology and fibre enrichment techniques. We have developed and implemented strong food safety systems followed worldwide, which we continually strive to improve.


To fulfill our commitment towards offering quality products, special care is taken starting with selection of the right ingredients to identifying source countries for each ingredient. Only the very best of the worldwide growers and processors are selected and allowed to be used as suppliers. The commitment to quality continues throughout the processing and packing to make certain that only the highest quality products reach the consumer


At Bagrry’s, In house Research and Development is an ongoing process, Our constant endeavor towards delivering the highest quality through our indigenous research has resulted in setting new benchmarks of quality in all other spheres of production. Our state-of-the-art oat and bran manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 and HACCP certified. We are also affiliated with the Snack Food Association, USA and The American Soybean Association.



At Bagrrys we aim at touching the lives of more and more individuals, everyday, by delivering products that make a positive difference and inspire a healthier lifestyle.


Through our extensive network, Bagrry’s products are available in more than 130 cities and towns across India and neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Our multiple layer distribution system ensures availability of Bagrrys products from major metros to the smallest of towns.


Our indigenous supply chain management systems are focused on efficiently delivering quality Bagrry’s products to outlets across India. It is our endeavor that Bagrrys finds a presence in the new and upcoming superstores as well your closest general store.


Bagrrys India Limited supplies its products in bulk to multinationals and other leading companies such as Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd, Britannia Industries Ltd, Cookieman Foods Pvt Ltd, Herbalife International India Pvt Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, ITC Limited and also to many Muesli manufacturers.


To help us improve even further, we request our valued customers to send their feedback about our products

Though our network is spread all over India and our products are available in few neighboring countries as well, but still if you face any difficulty in purchasing our products please contact us along with your address and mobile number and it will be our endeavour to ensure that you get our products.