Oats for India

Our new range of oats staples, which bring the goodness of oats to Indian dishes.


Oats for India Oats For Daliya

Specially made to bring the Goodness of British Oats to Indian Dishes – Oats for Daliya

As per USFDA, if you have more than 3g of soluble fibre from oats with a healthy diet and lifestyle, it may help reduce cholesterol from your body. However, 3g of soluble fibre means at least 70g of oats every day, which is seldom possible.

Oats for Daliya is specially made to suit Indian consumers who are aware of the health benefit of Oats and would like to consume it but doesn't like the gooey texture of rolled oats. Specially prepared to suit the Indian taste buds, the oats is cut in a grainy format to give the same mouth feel as the Indian Broken wheat (Daliya).

Oats for Daliya makes a chewy, delicious and healthy porridge. A lot of dishes like lapsi, kheer, khichdi can be made out of Oats for Daliya apart from consuming it as plain porridge.

  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol^
  • High in Protein*
  • High in Total Dietary Fiber*
  • Helps Manage Weight#

^Contains beta glucan fibre that helps reduce cholesterol. 3g of soluble fibre daily from oats, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. As a part of a balanced diet low in saturated fat & cholesterol and accompanied by a healthy & active lifestyle. (USFDA Guidelines)

*As per Codex Alimentarius Commission Guidelines

#Oats are a good source of dietay fiber. Research shows that high intake of dietary fiber along with regular physical activity may help in weight management. Diet nutrition 7 the prevention of chronic diseases. WHO technical report series 916. Report of a joint WHO/FAO expert consultation 2003.


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