Fruit 'n' Fibre

A scrumptious range of muesli with fruits and loaded with fibre.

B Special

Our all new B Special – Slim Muesli is specially made to help support your endeavor to stay lean

More Muesli

Some delectable variants of muesli, made with the choicest of ingredients.

Muesli On The Go

Introducing our new Innovation, the muesli on the go range from Bagrry’s.


Our heart-healthy and wholesome range of oats is a perfect way to start your day.

Oats for India

Our new range of oats staples, which bring the goodness of oats to Indian dishes.


High fibre and super healthy foods, adding bran to your diet helps manage weight.

Corn Flakes with Oats

Let’s make Corn Flakes healthy. A healthier version of the world’s most popular breakfast cereal.

Green Tea

A cup of Bagrry’s Green tea is a healthy beverage for your diet and wellness regime.


Made with 100% natural, nutritious and high-fibre to help you live a healthier life.