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Bagrry’s Mighty Muesli Bar is all natural, deliciously healthy bar packed with 75% Almonds, Raisins and grains. With 52% Multi-grains such as Oats, Wheat Flakes, corn flakes & rice crisps make it a high fibre energy bar sprinkled with the goodness of honey and baked to perfection for our classic crunch. That’s we call it “the mighty muesli bar” as it brings to you healthy, convenient and guilt-free Nutrition and sustained energy to ace your day!

Let’s live a #mightylife.

  • 52% Multigrain Goodness: Enriched with goodness of British Oats, Whole Wheat, Corn and Rice flakes. Pouring the World’s finest ingredients into your Mighty Muesli Bar. This multigrain nutrition bar is a wholesome bar with crunchy Californian almonds & delicious with sultana raisins and natural honey which provides sustained energy throughout the day. It’s a perfect snackl for your Pre or post workout.
  • Guilt Free Snacking: Made with the goodness of natural ingredients, our mighty muesli bars are diet friendly with just 157kcal per bar. So, if you’re aiming to reduce calories and therefore control your portions, our Mighty bars can be your everyday snack. Easy to carry, store and consume, our bars are the right fit for your pocket!
  • Fibre Rich: Our Mighty Muesli Bars are high in fibre with no refined grains or junk troublemakers. Our fibre-rich bars are made with fibre rich oats, whole wheat, corn flakes and rice crisps which are minimally processed to ensure you get the right nutrients in the right quantities.
  • 100% Natural Muesli Bar: Bagrry’s Mighty Muesli bar is 100% Natural, made with no artificial colours, No artificial preservatives and with No artificial flavors. It’s a 100% clean bar for your nutrition needs.
  • Non GMO

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