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Original Swiss Style recipe!
Made with premium ingredients such as British oats, whole grain wheat flakes, natural honey along with the goodness of nutritious dates, Californian almonds and succulent raisins We cannot transport you to the scenic Alps, but we can let you in on the secret to Swiss health – check out an easy recipe for Traditional Bircher Muesli made with Bagrry’s Swiss Style Muesli soaked overnight

  • No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives – just the goodness of all-natural ingredients
  • With more than heart-healthy 40%+ oats with added bran, Bagrry’s Swiss Style Muesli is high in fibre, low in saturated fat and with zero trans-fat

40%+ Oats

High in Fibre*

Source of Protein*

Anytime Snack

*As per codex Alimentarius Commission guidelines

What's Inside

Frequently Asked Question

The term ‘Muesli’ is derived from the Swiss German word, ‘Mus’, which means mixture. It is made of whole-grains, nuts, fruits, berries, honey etc., in various healthy and delicious combinations. It is commonly consumed as a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal in various parts of the world.
You can consume it with hot or cold milk, yogurt topped with fresh fruits and seeds. Many enjoy it soaked in milk or juice overnight or added at the time of serving to enjoy the crunch. Our mueslis even make topping for your desserts and can be used in baking cookies, muffins, or pies. Or simply enjoy the deliciously crunchy taste of Bagrry’s Muesli as it is.
One of the first to launch muesli in India, we have been serving our product for 20 years to the Indian consumer. There is nothing artificial in a bowl of Bagrry’s Muesli and we carefully select some of the finest ingredients from across the world. All Bagrry’s Mueslis contain a high amounts of Oats. With our wide portfolio, we ensure that we have a muesli which matches your nutrition needs and satiates your taste buds
This nutrient-rich super grain contains important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and thiamine (vitamin B1) – making it great for overall wellness and immune health. Rich source of protein and soluble fibre Oats have been proven to help maintain normal cholesterol* and manage weight#

* Contains beta-glucan fibre that helps maintain normal cholesterol. 3g or more soluble fibre from oats daily, helps maintain normal lipid profile (blood cholesterol is a standard lipid profile parameter).

# Nutrient Requirements and RDAs for Indians – ICMR 2010
We recommend that Bagrry’s Muesli be stored in a cool, dry & odour free place. Once opened, it is important to store contents in a well-sealed container to eliminate the risk of infestation and to retain freshness

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