Bagrry's Healthy Crunch Nutty Fruity Muesli is the multigrain twist your breakfast needs! Bagrry's Nutty Fruity Muesli contains...
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Bagrrys 0% Added Sugar Muesli is a nutritious and delicious breakfast option for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts....
Bagrry's Fruit & Nut Muesli with Cranberries
Elevate Your Mornings with Flavourful Muesli Magic! The Ultimate Breakfast Experience Indulge in the delightful blend of 9...
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Rs. 360.00
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Our combination of all things wonderful
Muesli, an extremely popular and sort after breakfast cereal now was unheard of in India, almost a decade ago. Our constant research to bring the global best in India made us one of the first to make Muesli in India. 
There is a lot that goes into a bowl of Bagrrys Muesli, heart-healthy oats, whole- wheat, high-fibre bran, the best almonds and raisins, real Himalayan honey, freeze- dried fruits and natural antioxidants are all expertly blended to create the perfect breakfast.
We have a wide section of muesli so you can take your pick from our delightful range of delicious flavours to meet your needs.