About Us

Honest Nutrition

From picking the most nutritious ingredients to finally packaging a wholesome and tasty product, we always put health first.

The back of every carton, but the front of our mind.

Almonds from California
Oats from the British countryside.
The best natural ingredients from world over.
Believe it or not, even the anti-oxidants that we use to preserve our products are all natural.

That put health first.


Like Bagrry’s Muesli - high on oats and fibre-rich bran, mixed with the right level of sweetness of natural honey - is a true delight to have.
And yes, when we say ‘with extra nuts and fruits, we truly mean it.

Bringing many firsts to India.

With 50 years in grain processing knowledge.
Brought Brans to India.
Made Corn Flakes healthy, a global first.
From packaging innovation to product innovation with Western and Indian ingredients, we never stop evolving.

Safety comes first.

International quality certifications such as FSSC 22000, HACCP Halal.
Our Muesli lines are setup with state-of-the-art X-Ray Scanners to ensure nothing except the goodness of healthy ingredients enter your cereal bowl.


All’s well that tastes well

Healthy eating habits are tough to form. But with Bagrry’s, these habits begin to taste so good that you will never look back.
And, With a great variety and so many flavors, we wont let you get bored so easily.

The Bagrry’s Way

From gaining inspiration about the nutritive value of bran from Mahatma Gandhi, to taking a trip around the world to learn about Muesli from Switzerland, we have innovated at every step to ensure that every product of Bagrry’s is a commitment to your health. The Bagrry’s Way is the one that innovates to puts health first, while ensuring great taste and this promise we have kept with all the products we come up with.