Our Brand Journey

Inspired by the writings of Mahatma Gandhi in ‘India of my Dreams’, Mr. Shyam Bagri found his passion of  building a brand that is rooted in India and following a philosophy of honest health. From setting up his own flour mill at the young age of 21 to making Bagrry’s one of the largest breakfast cereal brands in India, Mr. Shyam Bagri laid the bricks for one India’s very first breakfast cereal brands, Bagrry’s India Private Limited.

Bagrry’s is a company that is built on strong family values and that focuses on bringing nutritious and innovative products to India, with ingredients from all around the world. The Bagrry’s Group has a lineage in grain processing  and continues to strive for excellence with every product. With this as the company’s endeavor it has made its way to many breakfast tables across India and the world.